Officeboy Quote Management System

Document Management Solution

Officeboy is one of Australia’s most trusted office fitout providers who aim to deliver high quality commercial fitouts to corporate office spaces across Australia. Like most businesses in their line of work, Officeboy spent a considerable amount of time preparing quotations for their clients and specifications for their staff and contractors. We were engaged to solve this problem by developing a consolidated software solution that improved and sped up these processes and more. This software led to increased margins, easier business management, improved scalability and increased sales rates.

The problem

Most small businesses prepare client estimates and proposals through a combination of Excel, Powerpoint and Word. While this is a great start, this can be time consuming and error prone. Officeboy was no exception to this. Over years they had developed their own unique way of preparing proposals that got the job done, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

Once clients have received proposals, they often request revisions and variations to the project scope. This process was completed manually and there was no clear history of variations and sign-offs. This is made more difficult by the fact that variations can be requested even after the proposal has been approved.

Finally, once proposals and variations were approved, the process to inform contractors of the work to be completed was completely manual. Like many businesses, a specification document was created manually in Word and emailed to relevant parties. When post-approval variations were introduced, these were also typed up manually and emailed out – resulting in confusion of scope across all stakeholders. Custom software helped solve these problems.

The solution

We worked with Officeboy to map out their current method of handling each of these processes. We then proceeded to discover their ‘ideal world’ scenario so the processes could be improved and not just automated. From there, we were able to design a software application that managed these processes from end to end.

  • From planning to operation in 3 months

    A simple-to-use piece of web software went from an idea to a reality in 3 months

  • Simple management of quotations and variations

    Quotations can be easily created and sent out to clients via an in-built email system. The solution allows staff to quickly make variations and track changes to the scope and cost over time.

  • Instant conversion from proposal to specification

    Once a proposal has been approved, staff can click a button to convert the proposal to a specification. The solution allows staff to then send the specification to that project’s contacts leveraging an email templating system. As variations are introduced post-commencement, specifications can be easily updated with clear annotations of how the scope has been altered an exported to PDF or Word.

  • Integrated analytics providing clear business insights

    As jobs are created, proposals are issued and variations are introduced, everything is tracked and rolled up into simple-to-understand business insights. By making these key processes digital and keeping them in once place, the analytics system can reveal actionable insights in a simple manner.

  • Google drive integration

    Files are synchronized with Google Drive, allowing existing business process to interoperate alongside the web application and between multiple users.