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We are in a new era of computing. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science can transform your business. Today.

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driving business with data science

Use new technology to gain an edge

Leveraging AI is not just about embracing the future, it’s about utilising new technology to gain insights and improve productivity today.

AI & Business Intelligence

Machine learning

Apply algorithms that improve through experience and exposure to data. Solve real world, complex problems like scheduling, optimisation and information retrieval.

AI & Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Bring your data together and turn it into intelligence. View historical, current and forecasts of business operations, key performance indicators and vital business metrics.

AI & Business Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems are now, more than ever, able to aid humans in complex tasks. Use modern AI solutions to power chatbots, extract text from images and documents, recommend solutions to problems, and optimise outcomes.

our expertise in ai solutions

Search billions of data points. In seconds.

Our solution for the Imperial College of London was published in Nature, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. Read the original scientific publication about how Vokke was involved in the development of a self-organizing, living library of time-series data, with more than one billion data points.

Our recent AI projects

  • Revolutionising wine selection – wine pairing recommendation app built with chat-based AI
  • Retail transformation – AI-generated content for 100k+ of products for a large retailer, utilising private data to ensure accuracy and relevance
  • Intelligent assistance – Sophisticated Q&A chatbot designed for accessing private knowledge base articles, integrated into a Slackbot interface for user convenience


AI & Business Intelligence
AI & Business Intelligence

business analytics with power bi

We turn raw numbers into strategic insight

Do you have data in all your software but can’t get clarity? PowerBI from Microsoft is an industry-leading business intelligence tool that empowers your business to discover hidden insights in the data you already have. Combined with a Vokke-developed data warehouse, you’ll have unprecedented insight into your business.


the capabilities of AI solutions

Solutions for Your Business

Here are just a few of the ways Vokke can power your business with AI and new technology.

AI & Business Intelligence

Data warehouses

Planning, development and support of data warehouses on Redshift and MySQL, both on-premises and cloud.

AI & Business Intelligence

Pattern recognition

Regression, neural networks and support vector machines for pattern recognition and prediction.

AI & Business Intelligence


Custom extract-transform-load (ETL) tasks to cleanse and standardise data before entry into a warehouse.
AI & Business Intelligence

Information retrieval

Application of algorithms to retrieve specific pieces of information among vast quantities of data or traditionally hard-to-use formats (PDFs, images, etc.).

AI & Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Planning and implementation of BI solutions, including secure VPN connectivity to data sources.

AI & Business Intelligence


Integration of powerful analytics engines into software to understand customer trends and usage patterns.
AI & Business Intelligence


Business activity monitoring to monitor and understand business activity in real time as it happens.

AI & Business Intelligence


Guidance on how to manage and store vast quantities of data, both on-premises and cloud.

Our journey has been a true partnership. Vokke has always gone above & beyond in providing outstanding results for our business. I would highly recommend Vokke!

Mirna Resendiz - Business Transformation at JumboCorp

Vokke have been amazing & delivered excellent outcomes. We would highly recommend Vokke for software & transformation projects!

Aron Satchell - Director at Finura

Vokke – The Force Behind Your Workforce
Vokke – The Force Behind Your Workforce

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