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Forward-thinking businesses know that diversity is power

If you have multiple, scalable streams of income, you’re bulletproof – even against younger, nimbler competitors.

Your next ‘big idea’ might be right in front of you. Often, it’s something you’re already doing – just packaged in a different way.

We’ll help you generate your product idea – then take it right through to producing revenue – our digital product development team makes it happen.

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OUR strategic 4-step framework

The science behind digital product development

Some companies have the luxury of spending millions on app development. For the rest of us, it requires a pragmatic approach. We’ll show you how to find inspiration from the assets you already have. Then we’ll help you stress-test the idea and take it to market.

AI & Business Intelligence


Generate an idea that you can sell to new and existing customers. Test your idea to make sure it’s bulletproof.

AI & Business Intelligence


Our team works alongside yours to build the product and get it ready for adoption.

Digital Products


Iron out the kinks and make it bulletproof for customers.

Digital Products


We handle hosting and iterate regularly based on performance and feedback.

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Meet our digital product development team

We understand the fine balance between good tech and good business. We’ll work with you to create a digital product that can bring in sustainable revenue – not a shot in the dark.

Book in a free consultation to chat about your ‘next big thing’.

I want more revenue for less time

Digital Products Team


Still have questions? Here are some of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

Can you help me come up with an idea?

Absolutely. Most businesses have unique processes and services that can be readily turned into digital products. You know your market and we know technology – together we can create a product for your industry and customers.

How long does it take?

Most projects go from idea to launch in 6-12 months. While some projects do require longer, we usually suggest starting smaller and getting to market as quickly as possible.

What does it cost?

Software projects range in complexity and size, but most projects start at $75k and go up from there.

"We engaged Vokke to build a 2 sided prop-tech marketplace. They worked with us to curate an exceptional MVP. Their guidance and technical capabilities ensured we built something for scale and did not overoptimise or overbuild."

Courtney Bugeja - Founder of SellSmart


Let’s innovate your ‘next big thing’ together

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