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Cybersecurity is now more important than ever. In this digital world, data is the new oil, and adversaries are at work non-stop trying to take it.

  • Source Code Analysis: Ensure your application’s security with our comprehensive code analysis and collaboration with trusted partners.
  • Vulnerability Remediation: Rapid response to fix vulnerabilities in your application’s code and network layers.
  • Threat Intelligence: Leverage insights from the dark web and hacker communities for proactive security.

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Still have questions? Here are some of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

How do I know if my software is secure?

It’s best practice to follow a security framework, such as the OWASP ASVS. Vokke can audit your application against this standard and provide a report outlining potential gaps and vulnerabilities. Vokke can also perform a penetration test by attempting to ‘hack’ into your system and providing a detailed report with issues for remediation.

How can I keep my data secure ongoing?

Once you’ve taken the steps necessary to bolster your security, it’s essential to stay current with the latest attacks. Unfortunately, hackers work around the clock to find new ways of infiltrating systems, and new attack vectors are discovered daily. Vokke has access to ‘threat intelligence’ to stay up to date, providing immediate security patches to vulnerable systems.

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