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How much of your staff’s time is taken up with unnecessary processes or admin tasks?

With custom software you can free up precious hours to work on things that provide the most value, craft a delightful customer experience and prepare your business for growth.


OUR streamlined 4 STEP FRAMEWORK

How to scale your business

Here’s how we create software that understands your processes, evolves with you and sets you up with a huge competitive advantage.

AI & Business Intelligence


We analyse your business in detail to understand how it works and where you want to be. 
Digital Products


We then design a game plan to achieve it, and start visualising the software.

AI & Business Intelligence


Our team implements your new system with constant communication, optimisation, and rigorous testing.

Digital Products


Go-live, which we support with ongoing updates and improvements. We’ll walk your staff through the new, speedier processes (there may be happy tears).


It might sound complex, but you’re in safe hands

If you’re using countless spreadsheets and word documents to manage your business, it’s time to ditch them so you can focus on growth. If your customers have to order with email and phone calls, it’s time to give them better.

Book a quick chat with a Vokke process automation specialist to see how we can help you ditch the Word docs, spreadsheets and whiteboards for something sleeker.

You might be surprised at what’s possible.

I want to streamline my business

Custom Business Solutions Team


Still have questions? Here are some of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

Can you help me work out what to build?

Absolutely. Most businesses are using a combination of off-the-shelf software, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and paper. We will audit your business and analyse the highest ROI places to focus, including how to work with your existing software. You know your business, and we know technology – together, we can create a solution to amaze staff and customers alike.

How long does it take?

Most projects go from idea to launch in 6-12 months. While some projects do require longer, we usually suggest starting smaller and going live as early as possible.

What does it cost?

Software projects range in complexity and size, but most business automation projects start at $75k and go up from there.

"The team at Vokke have made our experience building our new management portal a seamless project. Their professionalism and technical knowledge have made our transition to this new program effortless"

Julie Lewis - Logistics Manager at Repurpose It

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