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In healthcare, every second matters

Not just when it comes to patient care, but in the running of the business as well. If you have highly-skilled people needing to spend time on menial tasks and paperwork, or you’re struggling to link up your data and keep it secure, you’re not able to deliver the full potential of your medical service.

Custom healthcare software, built around your practice, will lighten the load and let you get back to what you do best.


How We Can Help

Reduce paperwork with custom software

Medical professionals don’t get into the industry to do paperwork. They do it to change lives. Our custom medical software automates manual tasks, frees up your time and makes your business more efficient.


Gather Insights

Collect and compare insights into patient data over time.


Build & Secure

Build a comprehensive, secure and protected knowledge database.


Reduce paperwork

Minimise paperwork where possible.



Automate workflows so you can focus on the patients.

solutions for healthcare

Minimise paperwork, maximise patient care

If you have your patients’ best interests at heart, integrating new technology into your existing systems isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a necessity.


Patient questionnaires

Embrace telehealth concepts such as digital questionnaires into your practice.

Digital Products

Custom reporting

Report on collected data to better understand your clients and deliver higher qualities of service.


Booking systems

Better engage with clients by facilitating online booking and scheduling of appointments.

AI & Business Intelligence

Rich patient and business data

Choose the specific types of data you collect and how you collect it.

Digital Products

Report automation

Automate the creation of reports for your employees and clients to better improve outcomes.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Data security

Our systems are fully compliant with all necessary Australian security laws, including the APPs.


featured case study


A custom patient management system that lets clinicians quickly and securely access patient data and automates data entry and analysis.

“Vokke staff were enthusiastic, responsive and forward thinking. We now have a solution which will take us forward and have the capacity to add further functions in the future.” – Helen Clausen, MNPS

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"Vokke were instrumental in the design, development, and launch of the ADHD Tracker project. Since its launch, they've provided excellent support for the software and hosting"

Prof. Mark Bellgrove - Director at AADPA


It’s time to improve your care delivery

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