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The most ambitious companies come to us to help transform their businesses with technology. By building software, cloud and data solutions that truly deliver value, we’ve helped many companies grow rapidly. But we can’t do this alone. Being at the forefront of change requires a world-class team full of world-class team members. And it’s in this spirit that together that we make a real change.

We are not a technology-first company. Nor are we a growth-first company. We are a people-first company. We understand that some people are spending fifty-percent of their waking lives at Vokke, and it’s that fact that pushes us to ensure that the workplace is as satisfying, rewarding and safe as possible.

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When you’re a part of Vokke, you get to work on projects in 20+ industries, including finance, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing. As a diversified consulting agency, Vokke has natural resiliency and you will gain continuous exposure to new industry challenges that our clients have asked Vokke to help solve.

Our software empowers hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business annually, across both ASX/Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, small to medium enterprises and investment-driven startups.

We’re also big on values. Racial, LGBQTIA+ and gender equality, as well as environmental awareness, mental health and open source.

And we give our values teeth: we’ve been recognized in Australia for our mental health focus, and we’ve offset more than 100 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions (with a plan to become carbon neutral across all our locations). We also regularly give back to our community; in 2021 we donated 3,000 meals to those in need and we are increasing our commitment to open-sourcing our internal innovations.


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