Our Culture


Why we do what we do

A company’s culture is the glue that binds an organisation together. At Vokke, it’s about the trust, passion, and experience each person has when they’re coming to work.

Since Vokke was founded, there’s been an emphasis on making sure that work is as stimulating, gratifying and rewarding as possible. Our infectious enthusiasm and curiosity is what helps us get great results for our clients.


Focus on wellbeing

We are not a technology-first company. Nor are we a growth-first company. We are a people-first company. We understand that people are spending half of their waking lives at Vokke, and it’s that fact that pushes us to ensure that the workplace is as satisfying, rewarding and safe as possible.
Our Culture
Our Culture


Community & values

We have a deep passion for quality software that solves real business problems. We make it our mission to focus intensely on ROI and project success, and to only ever ship top-quality work. Just as importantly, we believe that a company should benefit more than just its customers.


Awards & recognition

WorkSafe Finalist On Wellbeing – In 2017, Vokke was a finalist in the WorkSafe Safety Awards, for our focus and involvement in the development of a culture focusing on mental health and wellbeing. Click the link to read more.

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Independent Mental Health Case Study – The Victorian Workplace Mental Wellbeing Collaboration is a partnership between SuperFriend, VicHealth and WorkSafe Victoria, who independently published a case study on our workplace.

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Our Culture

Our focus on mental wellbeing at Vokke

Workplace wellbeing is a core focus

Our Culture

WorkSafe Finalist 2017

Our Culture

Victorian Workplace Mental Health Collaboration


Our values


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Racial Equality

We stand for a world free of racial discrimination and the right to a discrimination-free workplace.
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LGBTQIA+ Equality

We embrace and celebrate the diversity of what it means to be human, and acknowledge the spectrum of difference among people.

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Gender Pay Equality

In Australia, women on average get paid 18% less per annum. Vokke believes in a zero gender pay gap.

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Environmental awareness

This planet needs to be shared with our children, too. That’s why we believe in making environmental awareness part of our culture.

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Mental health conscious

We believe fostering a deep understanding and acceptance around mental health is key to a healthy, enjoyable workplace.

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Open source

The open source ideology is responsible for some of the world’s greatest technologies, and we encourage the pursuit of freely licensed code.

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