Our Agile Software Team

Software Engineering Is At The Heart Of What We Do

If you enjoy solving complex problems using proper, well designed solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Our software powers hundreds of millions of dollars of business around the world, and as a result we have a significant focus on designing formally correct systems. We follow OOP, SOLID, Domain Driven Design and other industry best practices. We follow Agile Scrum, do model storming with UML and discuss work via stand up meetings.

Technology and Approach

Vokke focuses primarily on the following key technologies and languages: PHP 7/8, Node, React, Vue, ES6, Docker, SASS, MySQL and Redis.

We follow formal design practices and have separate people to design mockups and write requirements with acceptance criteria. These are then placed into a sprint for software engineers to develop. We have a separate QA team which verifies the work and ICT support to help deploy it into testing, staging and production.


the vokke difference

Things Our Developers Love

We follow many practices that our development team really enjoy. Below are just a few of them:

best tools

The Best Tools

We buy the best tools money can buy, including the PHPStorm IDE

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Separation of Concerns

We have independent BA and QA teams to help deliver the outcome.

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Clear Requirements

A strict standard for our BAs on how to write clear and actionable requirements.

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One Step Builds

Use our build pipeline as often as you like.

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Quarterly Checkins

Regular check-ins with the Regional Manager to voice and concerns or ambitions.
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Learning Opportunities

Vokke has invested in internal training material to help you learn advanced concepts.

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Clear Processes

Vokke is an ISO 9001 company with clear systems and processes.

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Good Equipment

Dedicated local equipment provided, as well as unlimited virtual machine access.