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Rochdale Accounting and Business Advisory is a leading provider in financial advice for businesses in the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. With a large focus in management consultancy, the company spent countless hours preparing meeting agendas, minutes and action plans, using non-specialised, traditional software. After adopting a custom Vokke software solution, team members are able to do this in a fraction of the time; instead, they focus on their core business offering and continue to provide leading services to their clients.


The Problem

Rochdale develops intricate financial solutions for growing businesses. These solutions are formed in meetings with many stakeholders and representatives, with each person contributing their own unique insight and advice. Documenting such a complex interaction is necessary and requires large investments of time; storing, archiving and distributing them only adds more time to the already lengthy process. There was no software on the market already providing this service that Rochdale could make use of, so they were left with adapting Word documents to fit their business.

Like most businesses, Rochdale had a problem that was ripe for software automation. Existing solutions often don’t adapt to the unique requirements of the business, and the price paid is a significant time investment. More often than not, a custom solution will remove this investment and save the company time and money.

The Solution

A consultation with Vokke revealed that a custom software solution would save the company time and money by automating the meeting note-taking process. A cloud solution was developed specifically for the company. The solution was designed around the requirements of the business, allowing for specific notes, actions and minutes to be recorded for each meeting and stored in a centralised location. This solution saves the company significant time each day.

  • A unique collection process was developed
    Meetings are not free form, but have a defined process. They have attendees, actions, minutes and an agenda. These core concepts helped define the core of the product, allowing for a meeting process specifically tailored to the company’s requirements.
  • Report generation and distribution was included
    An array of reports are available to summarise each meeting. These reports are generated and automatically sent to attendees via email.
  • Developed using the cloud
    Business owners and employees are now more than ever embracing the concept of remote teleworking and mobility. As such, the custom solution was designed to be placed on the cloud.

Rochdale Case Study

The Benefits

  • A competitive edge
    With a focus on faster and quicker client interactions, the company has obtained a strong competitive edge. Note taking, meeting agendas and action plans take less time to produce than their competitors, allowing them to spend more time providing value to the clients.
  • Remote teleworking and mobility
    As the software solution is placed on the cloud, employees and business owners can access the solution from any location in the world. This allows team members to remain productive even while not inside the office.
  • Time saved, money saved
    The level of automation present in the software solution allows team members to focus more on the content of each meeting, rather than the documentation process. With an automatic distribution process, hours for report and agenda preparation are now a thing of the past.
  • High availability
    The cloud solution can be updated without having to update any computers inside the company, minimising disruption. Similarly, Vokke’s consistent service monitoring ensures consistent service availability every hour of the year from anywhere in the world.

Rochdale Case Study

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