Let’s face it. Entering data from PDFs sucks. The only thing worse than doing it yourself? Knowing your highly paid team is doing it. Whether you’re entering purchase orders, compliance docs, or supplier invoices – there’s a way to reclaim your time.

Software like Docparser and Nanonets can pull data from your PDFs and enter it in your software for you. Simply upload sample documents and highlight the data you want to extract. Then upload a batch of PDFs and watch the magic happen.

Docparser requires more set-up but provides you with more control. Nanonets uses AI to automate the set-up and learns over time, but is harder to fine tune directly. Both can pull files from your emails and support custom integrations via an API, though Nanonets has more integration options out of the box.

If your software isn’t supported, you can export data to Excel and import it yourself. Or, better yet, build your own custom integration (developer required). This is how we helped one client free their staff from processing hundreds of orders a week. Now, each one creates a job in their system, ready for ops to schedule, 100% automated.

If you only need to extra data from PDFs one at a time, then ChatGPT may be all you need. Upload the doc, ask it for the data you’re interested in, and you’re done.

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