Growing Vokke’s presence in the Philippines

Finding a dream job is mission success! But also, landing into a great company to work with is even more rewarding! Any experienced professionals will be able to relate to what I’m about to share here – finding a company that offers not just a job and a salary, but also an environment that is vibrant; one where you can think of staying a long time, and can even be considered as stable.

I live in Manila, Philippines, and I’m the Regional Manager of Vokke in the Philippines. I know that for many, finding a nice job has always been a challenge. With the knowledge of sticking with the career I want, which is web application development, I worked for several companies until I landed into Vokke – which is a software consulting company based in Australia.

For me, Vokke is different from the other companies I worked for. For example, Vokke splits the responsibilities among the team. In my past jobs, I do all the talking to the client, designing, work on the software development and then do the testing myself – even handing it over and taking responsibilities of any bugs.


Vokke’s approach is to split those tasks so staff can focus on their specialties. We have people assigned to talk to the clients and finalise what they need, then handover it to the development team and there is a testing team assigned to do thorough software testing. And not only that, the colleagues are well mannered and even working with the bosses is always possible. Everyone is so approachable, caring, and communicates well.

We also use the best of the finest tools from the industry to make each of the staff’s work even easier. With this kind of setup, we were able to withstand even the challenges of the pandemic.

Vokke’s presence in the Philippines is already well-established, having been here for many years through a business partnership managing its local staff – with 89% of its main workforce in the country.

As a company, Vokke always looks for new skilled and friendly individuals which in return would make the work environment for all even better. Overall, with my years of stay at Vokke, I can say that it’s one of the best place to work – where work life balance actually exists.

If you’re interested in working for us, drop us an email at [email protected]

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