No matter how much we do to improve our businesses, success always comes back to having the right team. With the right people in the right position, everything is easier. Technology, processes, pricing – everything else is a multiplier of the value of your team. Improve that team, and you improve everything else.

This is great in theory, but we all know that hiring the best people is HARD. It’s so easy to mis-hire, even with streamlined hiring processes and competitive salaries. Or, even worse, an ‘okay’ person that can do the job but doesn’t excel at it. Hires like this cause margins to get thinner and thinner as you grow.

The Traditional Way

You post a job ad on Seek, receive hundreds of applications, and painstakingly sift through them in search of gold. With half not even in the country, let alone possessing the skills you’re looking for, this is painful. You shortlist some candidates, interview them, and learn who you like and who you don’t. Finally, you hire someone and cross your fingers it works out.

The New Way

With a tool like ​Willo​, candidates record short video answers to apply. They do this in their own time, and you focus on watching and shortlisting who you like.

Why do I like this?

Let’s be honest. We all have strict hiring criteria, but we often make up our minds within the first few minutes of an interview. And this is a good thing. Culture is key, and we learn so much from body language and personality. Embrace this, and get straight to the point with candidates.


βœ… Only serious candidates will take the time to do this

βœ… Some people crush at their jobs but don’t interview well. This method lets them re-record answers and take their time

βœ… Combine video answers with text and multiple-choice for the best of both worlds

The key is to combine approaches. Use one-way video interviews to screen, and then meet them like usual.

How does it work?

Willo lets you upload an intro video for candidates to watch before they start:

Then ask as many questions as you like. For each one, you can control the type of answer (text vs. video etc.), how many takes they get, and how long an answer should be:

Share a link with candidates and they can walk through the guided process. Once they respond, you can view their answers and manage the hiring pipeline:

Try this out with your next hire and compare the results. Improve the quality of your team and watch the difference as you grow.

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