Below are the terms that make up the Managed VPN Services Solution Schedule. This document was last updated on 11th May 2022 at 09:00 PM Melbourne Time.

  1. How this Software Solutions Schedule works
    1. MSA: This is a Solutions Schedule under the MSA between Vokke and the Client identified in a SOW. The provisions of the MSA, including any and all amendments and variations to it as may be agreed on from time to time, will be incorporated into this Solutions Schedule by reference as if written out here in full. All defined terms used in this Solutions Schedule will have the same meaning as that given in the MSA. All terms of the MSA apply to this Solutions Schedule unless explicitly superseded. Where conflict exists between this Solutions Schedule and the remaining documents forming the MSA, the MSA will determine the precedence.
  2. Definitions
    (a) ‘Participating System’ means a network or software service that enables the Service.
    (b) ‘Compliant Customer Device’ means a network appliance such as a Customer Edge router or sensor or device, or a software application that adopts the OpenVPN protocol and is able to connect to a VPN as part of this service.
    (c) ‘Connected Device’ means a Compliant Customer Device that is connected to a VPN.
    (d) ‘Service’ means the creation and management of a IPv4 VPN tunnel to be used by Compliant Customer Devices.
    (e) ‘Security incident’ means a verified data exfiltration, intrusion or exploitation attempt on a given Participating System or Compliant Customer Device.
  3. Client Information
    1. The Client must supply the Client Information to Vokke as soon as practicable after the Start Date of the SOW, together with such other information as Vokke reasonably requires in order to perform the Services. The Client must only supply dummy data or copies of the Client’s Information and must not supply access to any Client Information where the modification or loss of such Client Information may adversely affect the Client.
    2. Vokke is under no obligation to perform the Services unless and until the Client Information is received and is in a suitable state to enable Vokke to provide the Services.
  4. Supply of Services and Deliverables
    1. The Client acknowledges that due to the nature of the Services, Vokke cannot guarantee timely performance. Vokke will notify and consult with the Client in the event of any material delays or technical difficulties in performing the Services.
    2. The Client acknowledges and agrees that in order to provide the Services Vokke will in its sole discretion choose the languages, frameworks, tools, technologies, patterns and processes to be used in delivering the Service.
  5. The Service
    1. The Service will support IPv4 traffic only.
    2. The Service will support the security protocols allowable through the OpenVPN standard and the Participating Systems employed.
    3. Traffic from distinct VPN tunnels within the Service, while encrypted, may traverse shared Participating Systems.
    4. Devices that connected to the VPN tunnels will be administered by Vokke and only devices that have the correct certificate information will be able to connect to a VPN.
    5. The Service is not be designed for high traffic throughput or data transfer applications. Vokke reserves the right to throttle or limit traffic and bandwidth if required.
    6. The Client agrees that the Service will be used to  transfer management and configuration information only.
    7. The Client agrees that reasonable and appropriate security measures will be established on all Compliant Customer Devices, such as passwords and access controls.
    8. The Client acknowledges and agrees that:
      1. They assumes all risks of use, quality and performance of the Service; 
      2. Security Incidents may still occur notwithstanding the supply of the Service; and,
      3. Vokke accepts no liability for any and all Security Incidents, including any loss or damage suffered by Client arising out of any failure of the Service to protect Client’s data, network, systems, software or equipment.
  6. Use of Deliverables
    1. The Client must use the Deliverables solely for the Permitted Use. The Client must not sell, license, transfer, disclose, or otherwise provide access to the Deliverables to any third party, unless Vokke has given its express written consent beforehand, or such use expressly forms part of the Permitted Use.

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