Your privacy is very important to us.

Vokke Pty. Ltd. (“Vokke”) is a Proprietary Limited Company incorporated within Melbourne Australia. At Vokke we take your privacy seriously. This policy outlines the way in which we collect, process, store and manage your personal information. Please make sure you read it carefully to ensure you can make the most informed decisions about our service. By using our website, or any of our services including but not limited to software development, software consulting, infrastructure management or hosting (“Engaged Services”), you agree to be bound to the terms contained herein.

Personal information
The types and uses of the information we collect about you (the user) depends on the level of interaction with the Engaged Services, such as a whether you’re on a recurring payment plan, viewing a website, or engaging with a web application. For all Engaged Services other than viewing our website, additional terms regarding information collected may be present in contracts of engagement.

Personal information such as your name, company name, email address and phone number may be collected. It’s your right to withhold any information you wish not to provide, but it may result in Vokke being unable to offer or fulfil our service to you.

Data stored in third parties
Vokke may store information about how you arrived on our site, as well as actions you perform while on our site, and this information may be stored in third party providers.

How we collect information
We collect information through several means:

  • Information you provide: We may collect and store any information directly provided to us through the act of you using the service.
  • Information you carry: We may collect information relating to your computer or internet location (e.g. IP address) as well as browser information (e.g. user agent) and this data may be stored in the form of server logs and used to provide security insights, debugging or analytics by Vokke.

Payment information

Payments are handled through the PCI DSS compliant third party vendors. Vokke will never have access, nor directly request, personal details regarding your financial institution or credit card.

What we use your data for

Vokke uses data it collects in order to provide its core service. Vokke may disclose personally identifiable information to its employees, contractors, or affiliated third parties that require that information in order to act on Vokke’s behalf; examples of such third parties are payment providers and cloud platform providers.


Vokke may use cookies to help deliver our core offering. Cookies are small pieces of text stored inside your browser and are sent to our servers every time you make a request across the internet. A cookie does not personally identify you or your computer. We may log the contents of cookies, such as who has logged in, to help understand how our users are interacting with the product. It’s your right to disable the use of cookies, but it may result in Vokke being unable to offer or fulfil our service to you.


Vokke uses SSL/TLS certificates across any portion of the service that accepts or transmits sensitive information. These certificates are vetted by an external third party and issued by RapidSSL or Let’s Encrypt. Please be aware that Vokke is a cloud service, and as such, your personal information may be in transit across the internet and may leave Australia.


Vokke reserves the right to change this policy at any time, and any changes or amendments are effective immediately upon publishing. Vokke will make every effort to inform you of these changes.

Contact our privacy officer

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact our privacy officer, accessible by email at [email protected]