Below are the terms that make up the Threat Monitoring Solution Schedule. This document was last updated on 11th May 2022 at 09:00 PM Melbourne Time.

  1. How this Software Solutions Schedule works
    1. MSA: This is a Solutions Schedule under the MSA between Vokke and the Client identified in a SOW. The provisions of the MSA, including any and all amendments and variations to it as may be agreed on from time to time, will be incorporated into this Solutions Schedule by reference as if written out here in full. All defined terms used in this Solutions Schedule will have the same meaning as that given in the MSA. All terms of the MSA apply to this Solutions Schedule unless explicitly superseded. Where conflict exists between this Solutions Schedule and the remaining documents forming the MSA, the MSA will determine the precedence.
  2. Definitions
    (a) ‘System Element’ includes any services, systems, components, libraries or source code contained or within a custom software solution, as specified in the SOW.
    (b) ‘Logging Infrastructure’ means the combination of systems, services and infrastructure, as managed and owned by Vokke, that aid in the collection of diagnostic and analytic information for a set of one or more System Elements.
    (c) ‘Security incident’ means a verified data exfiltration, intrusion or exploitation attempt on a given System Element.
    (d) ‘Client Information’ means the data, information and materials as reasonably required by Vokke to assist in developing the Services.
  3. Client Information
    1. The Client must supply the Client Information to Vokke as soon as practicable after the Start Date of the SOW, together with such other information as Vokke reasonably requires in order to perform the Services. The Client must only supply dummy data or copies of the Client’s Information and must not supply access to any Client Information where the modification or loss of such Client Information may adversely affect the Client.
    2. Vokke is under no obligation to perform the Services unless and until the Client Information is received and is in a suitable state to enable Vokke to provide the Services.
    3. Risk and title in the physical items forming part of the Client Information remains with the Client at all times. While Vokke will take reasonable care to prevent physical items forming part of the Client Information in its possession from loss, theft or destruction, Vokke accepts no responsibility in relation to the Client Information.
  4. Supply of Services and Deliverables
    1. The Client acknowledges that due to the nature of the Services, Vokke cannot guarantee timely performance. Vokke will notify and consult with the Client in the event of any material delays or technical difficulties in performing the Services.
    2. The Client acknowledges and agrees that in order to provide the Services Vokke will in its sole discretion choose the languages, frameworks, tools, technologies, patterns and processes to be used in delivering the Service.
  5. The Service
    1. Threat monitoring Services (Threat Monitoring Services) comprises system and human checks, as per the monitoring agreement set out in paragraph 5.2 below (Monitoring Agreement) with the aim of identifying suspicious behaviour within a System Element.
    2. The Monitoring Agreement outlines the list of activities and checks Vokke’s systems will perform to identify suspicious behaviour. These include:
      (a) triggering an alert if the number of system exceptions thrown within the Logging Infrastructure exceeds more than 5 in a given 5-minute interval;
      (b) triggering an alert if the number of 404 HTTP statuses returned by the web servers exceeds more than a given baseline percentage, which will be determined by Vokke upon signing of this SOW;
      (c) triggering an alert if the number of 500 HTTP statuses returned by the web servers exceeds more than a given baseline percentage, which will be determined by Vokke upon signing of this SOW; and
      (d) triggering an alert if the number of WAF blocking events triggered exceeds more than 5 in a given 5-minute interval.
    3. If an alert is triggered, an internal team member will investigate the alert and, if required, attempt to block the origin of the traffic. During such an event, the Client will be kept informed. Vokke will endeavor to respond to all alerts within 24 hours, notwithstanding a system outage, infrastructure issue, upgrade, force majeure event or software bug that renders Vokke’s response procedure inoperable.
    4. The Client agrees that Vokke may alter the above activities and checks as required, to account for changes in system behavior and design.
    5. The Client agrees that Vokke is unable to guarantee that the above measures set out in this SOW will detect each and every intrusion or exploitation attempt, and that the Threat Monitoring Services provided are best effort.
    6. The Client agrees that the delivery of the Threat Monitoring Services may be impeded if a system outage, infrastructure issue, upgrade, or software bug renders the system inoperable, and that during such an event, the delivery of the Threat Monitoring Services may be temporarily halted.
    7. The Client understands that in order to provide this service, Vokke will be storing log and diagnostic data within Vokke’s own computing environment for processing.
  6. Incident Response
    1. If a Security Incident occurs, Vokke will assist the Client with all matters relating to remediation and auditing, where possible and within reason, up to a duration of 15 (fifteen) hours per year. If the client requires more assistance beyond the 15 hours, assistance will be offered at a rate of $220 ex. GST per hour.
  7. Exclusions and Coverage
    1. This Solution Schedule outlines the provisioning of various managed security Services on behalf of the Client by Vokke. The Client understands that any security activities not listed in this Solution Schedule are expressly out of scope and as such, other security controls may be required by the Client to fully manage their security exposure. The Client understands that such additional controls are their responsibility.
  8. Use of Deliverables
    1. The Client must use the Deliverables solely for the Permitted Use. The Client must not sell, license, transfer, disclose, or otherwise provide access to the Deliverables to any third party, unless Vokke has given its express written consent beforehand, or such use expressly forms part of the Permitted Use.

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