Tips on how to succeed at an online job interview

These days, almost all job interviews can be conducted online. But how would you really prepare for an online interview? Read the tips below and follow the steps to help you ace that online interview!

Get sufficient rest and sleep

I know, these days, getting eight hours of sleep every night is a luxury! But if you have applied for a job, you’d want to make sure you do your best, and getting enough sleep will help you achieve that.

Before the day of your interview, make sure you have enough rest and sleep so your brain can function well and make you look prepared and have the right amount of energy to attend the interview.

Set up interview space

When you are attending an online interview, you need to have a well-lit and quiet space so the interviewer can get a good view of yourself and make the interviewer communicate with you comfortably.

Make sure to use a computer (not a mobile device) during the interview as using mobile might have an impression that you are not prepared for the interview. You also need to make sure that your internet, camera and microphone are working properly so you can troubleshoot your devices beforehand. You want to have clear communication with the interviewer and making sure that these devices are working will help us achieve that.

Wear presentable clothes

You could wear casual, smart casual, semi-formal or if you are more comfortable wearing formal, then go for it! Just avoid wearing something that is too fit or not allowing you to move freely as you might get distracted and will not be able to focus properly on your interview.

Show up on time

Join the meeting room at least 10 minutes earlier. This will allow you to have breathing room and you won’t feel crammed. If the meeting link is not working properly, please let the interviewer or any contact person you have and report immediately.
As much as possible, avoid joining the meeting room late. Please contact the interviewer at least a day before, if you cannot attend the agreed scheduled interview date and time anymore.

Listen carefully to the interviewer

When you set up your interview space, make sure that you are in the quiet area and test your speaker so you could hear the interviewer well. Make sure that you are properly showing to the interviewer that you are interested in what they are discussing – one way is to look them in the eye while they are sharing information.

If there’s something that you did not hear properly, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer politely if they could repeat it.

Be confident and be yourself

You have to present yourself and justify your experiences, tell the interviewer of all the amazing things you have contributed to your previous work experiences. Don’t try to add something or say something that you haven’t experienced yet and don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer if you’re not aware of that, but show that you are willing to explore and learn new things.

If you’re feeling nervous, deep breathing helps! Confidence is always the key as they say. But remember, too much confidence is dangerous.

Make it a two-way communication

Most applicants’ perception of interviews is about communicating only about themselves and their experiences. However, you are free and allowed to ask the interviewer about the company and more details about the job you are applying for so that you know that it is aligned with your career goals and expectations.

This will also build a connection to the interviewer and make an impression that you are interested in the job.

Avoid saying unrelated topic to the question

As much as possible, keep your answers straight-forward and focus on what was asked. Saying unrelated to the question might lead to not answering the question at all

These are just some tips and guides that can help you prepare for an online interview. Don’t be discouraged if you did not hear back after the interview, you did well and there is just something better and more fit waiting for you – don’t lose hope.

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