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Custom Web Database To Securely Manage And Analyse Patient Data


Melbourne Neuropsychology Services provides cognitive assessments to thousands of Australians. By using Vokke software, they are able to securely manage their patient records and store accurate diagnostic results. Melbourne Neuropsychology Services (MNPS) is a leading neuropsychology practice in metropolitan Melbourne. Their services include medico-legal, forensic, diagnostic and cognitive assessment across a broad range of age groups. Such an information-rich domain requires a strong IT support backbone. MNPS was stuck using legacy software which no longer provided the necessary storage and analysis requirements. A custom solution from Vokke now allows MNPS to automatically manage thousands of patients in a way that works for them. A way that is strategically unique to their business.

The Problem

MNPS manages thousands of complex patient records. Each patient may have specific diagnostic criteria, payment details and referral information, as well as externally created supporting documents. This complex information environment was managed through a legacy FileMaker solution. This solution and its design philosophy were no longer relevant to the company. Storage and retrieval of records was slow and error prone, and the system possessed several severe technical limitations. There was no ability to report on or analyse cohorts of patients.

Every business has a unique way of doing business. These distinctive processes are often what makes them competitive, yet many feel they have no choice but to use cookie cutter, “one size fits all” software. A custom solution allows businesses to automate and accelerate what makes them great.

The Solution

A Vokke software solution was planned that would solve many of the problems experienced by the clinicians at MNPS. Cloud based software was developed that allowed clinicians to access patient data in a secure yet accessible manner. By integrating their processes into the software, the solution provided a clear, intuitive way to automate data entry and analysis over their patients. Historical records were automatically migrated from their legacy application with no disruption to daily business operations.

  • A web portal was developed
    Patient records are securely accessible through a web portal. Multiple users have access to the system and records, with a powerful locking mechanism in place to ensure data integrity between users. Powerful reports can be generated in seconds, providing unprecedented business insights.

 MNPS Case Study

  • Strong encryption and storage
    Bank level over-the-wire encryption standards are used for all information travelling to and from the software. Similarly, all third party files are encrypted while in storage to provide maximum security levels of sensitive information.
  • Migration of legacy data
    All existing records were automatically migrated from the legacy application into the new software.
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