Automated Sports Highlights

Mobile App To Automate Highlight Reels For Sports Games


Sportscast Australia are a Melbourne based agency specialising in filming sports games and producing highlight videos. Like most businesses in their industry, the video editing process can be very time consuming and there is a constant pressure to produce quality work in a quick turnaround time. We were engaged by Sportscast Australia to reduce the time it takes to go from filming video to providing clients with highlight-reels. A mobile application was developed to achieve this, leading to increased margins, faster turnaround, improved video quality and happier clients.

The Problem

Once a game had been filmed, Sportscast Australia needed to upload the footage to video editing software and manually search for interesting highlights. Editors then cut the footage either side of the highlight and packaged the highlights together for the end product. As games can go for hours, the searching process could take a considerable amount of time for each game. Combined with the fact that Sportscast Australia were filming a large volume of games, the potential ROI was large if the time could be cut down with software.

The Solution

After thoroughly understanding the current process, we recommended they launch a mobile application that could be used by camera operators to tag highlights live as they took place. This data could then be used to easily cut highlights automatically without an editor having to later manually inspect each game’s footage.

  • Planning to launch in 3 months
    A simple-to-use mobile app went from idea to generating results within 3 months.
  • Optimised design for easy use
    As camera operators would be utilising a camera at the same time as the app, the app was designed so that it is incredibly simple and easy to use working with minimal specification phones.
  • Ability to tag key highlights
    The mobile app allows camera operators to tap buttons whenever an interesting event takes place. In addition, they are able to tag the event with data such as which team it is for and what type of event it is. This allows the automated highlights to be put together in different ways (e.g. highlights for just one team or of just a certain type).
  • Integration with video editing software
    The mobile app was integrated with a piece of editing software so that the data collected could be used to cut the highlights.
  • Launched on iOS and Android
    In order for camera operators to use the app on different devices, the app was designed for iOS and Android devices.

Sportscast Australia Case Study

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