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Cloud-based Software To Promote And Track Social Referrals For A Chain Of Health Centres



Ultimate You is a Melbourne-based chain of high-impact gyms and health centres. Ultimate You were growing quickly and rapidly expanding to open new centres. To continue to fuel growth, they wanted to improve the number of referrals that each customer made. We were engaged to think up and implement a way to make this happen. A mobile-responsive web application was designed that led to increased customer sign ups and referrals.

The Problem

Many customers are willing to make referrals, however, the process to do so often isn’t easy. It isn’t at the top of their minds and they can’t always think of who to refer. While incentives can be put in place to encourage referrals, there isn’t usually an easy way to track results and tie them back to individual referrers. Vokke helped solve this problem.

The Solution

To begin with, we worked with Ultimate You to design an incentive: $20 cash for each successful referral. A mobile-optimised web application was then designed that allowed customers to easily send an invitation to all of their contacts. Tracking was put in place to easily identify which sign-ups came from which customer referrals, making it very easy to measure results and pay referring customers.

  • Planning to launch in 2 months
    A simple-to-use and mobile-responsive piece of web software went from idea to generating results within 2 months.
  • Optimised referral process
    The referral benefits were made clear to customers as well as the simple process to follow. The entire flow was highly optimised to increase the number of referrals made per customer.
  • Easy referral process via Gmail and Facebook
    The web application prompted customers to connect their Gmail and/or Facebook accounts. Once connected, customers were shown a list of their contacts so they could easily select people to refer. Customers simply had to click a button for each contact to be messaged with the full details of the referral.
  • Simple tracking of results
    Each referral invitation sent out contained a unique link to the customer sign-up form. This unique link contained a code that could easily be used to identify who made the referral. Once the referral signed up, the application was informed of which code was used, allowing the software to inform management of who to pay.
  • Integrated analytics providing clear business insights
    An analytics system was integrated to provide management with insight into usage and results. A clear picture was painted showing usage, referrals, average referrals per customer and more. This information provides the basis of future improvements so that decisions are data-driven and effective.

Ultimate You Case Study

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